2018 Hot Spots

From jungles to mountains, more and more of the world is open for travel. Here are our picks for where to send your clients before the crowds hit. Written by Nina Karnikowski. Ethiopia The outdated images of a nation struggling with famine and

African curated luxury uptick

Adventure World is capitalising on growth in demand for upmarket products across Africa by promoting a $49,000 luxury itinerary as the opening product in its new 128-page brochure. Encompassing seven countries (South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Bot

Out of Africa: African safari lodges

By Brian Johnston A hundred wildebeest hoofs rumble across a dry riverbed. The cavernous pink mouths of hippos open in yawns on the river. Stately giraffes, long-legged as supermodels, blink lush eyelashes. Lions stretch, and warthogs snuffle. Bla

Super Sensory Safari

African Bush Safaris has released details of its small group Super Sensory Safari in Zimbabwe scheduled for June 2018. The "deeply immersive" six-night safari explores the Mana Pools National Park and incorporates activities designed to stimulate the

Bench presses into Malawi

The landlocked country of Malawi in central southern Africa can now be explored with Bench Africa as part of its 2018 program. Sharing its borders with Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, Malawi is one of Africa's smallest countries and offers dramat

Kenya bans plastic bags

Travellers heading to Kenya will need to hand over plastic bags, including those used to transport duty free goods when arriving into the country, after the East African nation implemented a ban on their use at the end of August. Kenyans use an es