AFRICA’S Northwest region, also known as the Maghreb, encompasses Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara. It can be full of hustle and bustle, but travellers wanting to escape the rat race can still find experiences that embrace the quiet and outdoors.

The Atlas Mountains stretch for about 2,500km through Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, and offer one of the world’s most unique climbs. Travellers can hike the mountains on their own, but Intrepid Travel’s 13-day Morocco Uncovered trip shows off the country in (relative) comfort from $1,995 per person.

The vistas offered from the peaks are astounding, with landscapes ranging from freezing heights to the heat of the desert. Travellers will also be able to take in full valleys, rapid rivers and cascading waterfalls.

These hidden gems require no technical expertise to scale, with the region’s highest peak, Toubkal, taking around three days to summit.

For those not keen on such an intensive trek, there are easy and medium-challenge hikes available, and if at any point you want to turn back, Marrakech is just a stone’s throw away, which is arguably one of the mountain’s strongest drawcards.