Five exceptional ways the Africa experts are still connecting with their trade partners.

The world is in lockdown. Well, to be more accurate, humans are in lockdown. As far as the natural world is concerned, it’s business as usual, and life goes on.

Birds still embark on their awe-inspiring migrations despite aviation coming to a grinding halt. Baboons still groom each other despite social-distancing. While some may panic buy, elephants eat only as much as they need. Leopards still prowl at night despite curfews.
But as we humans begin to distance ourselves from one another, the team at Bench Africa is reaching out and staying connected through their passion for nature, travel, and Africa. True to their warm and vibrant brand, the Bench team has been dreaming up rather unusual ways of bringing the wilds of Africa into your homes.

So, step away from your desks for a moment and connect with the Bench family for some welcomed moments of escapism.

1. ‘Breathe’ with your Bench BDM

Anji Johnson is expanding the traditional scope of a safari; inviting yoga, meditation and mindfulness into your homes to create an experience and escape that nourishes and heals your mind, body and soul, at a time when we need it most. Join Bench a couple of times a week for your chance to ‘Breathe with your Bench BDM’!

2. Join in the quarantine quiz

Brush up on your Africa travel knowledge with Bench Africa’s Quarantine Quiz, where the top 3 winners will get a virtual hug, and a little prize pack posted out to you (after all, we all have to keep up with the social distancing).

3. Take the ‘Pata Pata Challenge’

“Hey Siri… play Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba.”

Time to dust off those ‘iso’ cobwebs with Bench Africa’s ‘Pata Pata Challenge’. Bench is inviting you to have a dance party and bring the beat of Africa into your living rooms. Click here for some inspiration.

Simply upload your entry to social media with the #patapatachallenge hashtag.

4. Make a Kenyan cocktail

Right about now, Bonnie from Bench would have been on safari at one of our Bench Africa camps; Satao Elerai. “I was slightly bummed, as we all are, to find I wasn’t about to explore our home stomping grounds but there was one thing that I was sure I wasn’t going to miss out on and that was tasting a ‘dawa’!” So, Bonnie took it upon herself to host a cocktail making class, to demonstrate how to make this delightful Kenyan cocktail. ‘Dawa’ means ‘medicine’ in Swahili so it seemed like the perfect time. Join Bonnie, in her backyard, as she makes her very first dawa. Click here to view.

5. Join Bench for a virtual game drive

As sadly we aren’t going to be getting our feet on African soil anytime soon, Bench Africa is getting ready to take you on safari! On the 21st of April, join Bench Africa “safari guide for the day”, Nicky Oosthuizen on a simulated game drive around the African savannah. But it’s a game drive with a twist! To keep you on your toes, Nicky will be throwing a few fibs in there – just to make sure you’re paying attention! And the person who points out the most fibs will even win a prize!

A message from Bench Africa’s General Manager, Cameron Neill:

During this time of uncertainty, we find genuine comfort in knowing that Africa continues to remain wild and extraordinary and so we urge you to ‘paws’ and dream with us. One thing is for certain, we have the luxury of time to dream up our next wild trips to Africa as we wait for a time of clarity to arrive. In the meantime, the Bench family looks forward to connecting with you all and showing you all the reasons why we hold Africa so dear.

Over our 51 years, Bench has weathered many a storm and we’re no stranger to challenges. Our priority is always to safeguard the health of our customers, team members and partners and we will emerge even stronger once the calm returns.

These are challenging times and our thoughts are with you and your families. Take care of each other, be responsible and stay safe. This too shall pass. If you need us then reach out. We are right here, and when it’s safe to do so we will still be here waiting to introduce you to the magic of Africa, when travel will be more meaningful than ever.

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