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Riding the wave to sustainability

OCEAN cruise ships have arguably experienced the greatest level of environmental scrutiny when compared to other travel segments, but is this perception fair? Adam Bishop investigates.

The diamond in the rough

DESPITE enduring weeks in lockdown on board Diamond Princess, home-based agent for Your Travel Centre, Kareem Abdelmaksoud, said he would have no qualms about going on another sailing in the future — only his preference might be a river cruise next time.

I go to Rio…eventually

THERE were many faces of the evolving saga that became the story of Australians stranded at sea on cruise ships in the face of increasing port closures around the world.

Riding the wave in uncharted waters

ONLY those living under a rock would be unaware of the truly catastrophic impact that COVID-19 has had on the global cruise sector.

In brief: Cruise April 2020 issue

DESPERATE times calls for desperate measures, and that’s exactly what Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV) enacted last month when they undertook an astute passenger swap operation off the coast of Thailand.