On 1 November 2021, the world’s first hybrid electric LNG powered luxury polar exploration ship Le Commandant Charcot set sail on her maiden cruise to the Antarctic. To formally introduce its new ship, PONANT has unveiled a highly unusual brochure entitled “Polar Odysseys”.

©Studio PONANT/Nath Michel

Introducing the “magalogue”

Halfway between a magazine and catalogue, “Polar Odysseys” is a new 180-page brochure that immerses the reader into the Arctic and Antarctic worlds in a whole new way, offering a comprehensive 360 vision of all the voyages proposed aboard Le Commandant Charcot.

In keeping with the company’s CSR commitments, readers can browse through a digital version of the magalogue on PONANT’s website, complete with QR codes to access the audio-visual and interactive content online. A printed version on sustainably sourced paper is also available to order here.

©Studio PONANT/ Olivier Blaud

Bringing the dream alive

Travelling by sea with PONANT is to go beyond the experience that awaits the senses, leading guests to reflect on and gain a better understanding and knowledge of these extraordinary environments. And it is this shared desire to learn more that is echoed in the pages of this hybrid publication, particularly the many testimonies from the expedition teams on Le Commandant Charcot.

“The North Pole, the South Pole and You” gives readers a glimpse of the breathtakingly wide-open spaces, while “Life onboard” reveals the ship’s elegant, welcoming interior design, facilities, and refined services, and “Jean-Baptiste Charcot, a polar destiny” opens doors to exploring a big chapter of polar history.

©Studio PONANT/Olivier Blaud

The unique brochure features a whole range of other topics, which however only represent a snapshot of what can be learned and experienced aboard a truly exceptional ship. A foretaste of the immersive voyage that awaits readers and future guests.

©Studio PONANT/Olivier Blaud

Order your stock of “Polar Odysseys” by emailing PONANT at [email protected]

Discover the brochure HERE.


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