Helloworld Travel: onwards and upwards

It has been almost 18 months since Andrew Burnes, along with wife Cinzia, merged Helloworld with AOT. Steve Jones catches up with Andrew to review how things sit today and his plans for the future. Although Andrew Burnes rejected the notion at the

Top dogs: the 2017 Million Dollar Club

  Being a senior executive at a publicly listed company is no walk in the park. It requires complete dedication to the job, with little downtime and an endless succession of meetings and presentations along with many difficult -- and often un

The Survivor guide to the South Pacific

Craig Tansley shows you how you can have your own Survivor-like experiences in the South Pacific islands the series were filmed in... When the producers of Survivor were scouting the planet for wild but pristine landscapes where contestants could

Google’s vision for travel

There's no doubt that Google is a phenomenon already shaping the future of every part of life in the internet age. The technology giant's overarching vision is to "structure and make available all the data in the world" - and that definitely includes

Stars of the NTIAs

They're the stand-out performers of the Australian travel industry, earning high praise from judges and the respect of their peers. But what happens after the names are called and the celebrations end? With the 2017 National Travel Industry Awards up

Accessibility Travel

For many, life with a disability often means having to miss out on some things. But there's a growing recognition that the tourism industry needs to embrace those who have greater needs. Steve Jones reports. Philip Stephens was just 18 when, in th