Q&A | Selling South America

South America is a hot destination at the moment for Australian travellers, with a variety of tours covering everything from budget to luxury to cruise. Janet Bradley-Ryalls, MTA from Cairns shares with travelBulletin her tops tips for selling the destination.  How well does South America/Antarctic sell?The destination is a big seller for me and one […]

Los Tres Grandes

By Gary Walsh South America is nothing if not diverse. On the long run from the steamy tropics and beaches of Central America to the fjords and mountains of the gateway to the Antarctic in southern Patagonia, the continent offers jungles, rivers, high-altitude deserts, mysterious archaeological sites, ski fields, vineyards and great cities. And nothing […]

Ships Salsa To South America

South America is a hot destination for Australians at the moment, not only for exploration by land, but by sea. Kris Madden explores why cruising is emerging as an alternative for travellers wanting to experience multiple destinations on this vast continent.

South American Spike

South America’s tourism industry has seen quick gains thanks to increased air access and a wave of new infrastructure, but operators are confident of further improvements as awareness of the destination continues.

Aussies Keep Coming Back

Speaking to travelBulletin, Chimu Adventures director Greg Carter made a special mention of repeat visitors which he singled out as the most “notable” upward trend in South America.

Adventure Add Ons

Adventure World has rolled out a standalone South America brochure following continued demand for travel to the destination.

Buenos Aires Beckons

I really didn’t know what to expect on my first visit to Buenos Aires. Vague thoughts of Evita, meat, red wine, revolutions, polo, tango, soccer and rugby mingled – all of which proved to be accurate – but the overwhelming impression I was left with was one of colour, as Bruce Piper recounts from a recent trip.

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