Final-ALTA-787-9Chimu Adventures has recorded an upswing in repeat travellers in the over 50s market as infrastructure improves and access opens up to more destinations in South America.

Speaking to travelBulletin, Chimu Adventures director Greg Carter made a special mention of repeat visitors which he singled out as the most “notable” upward trend in South America.

And as more hotels come online and air access improves, he said travellers were increasingly realising that there is more to South America than Machu Picchu.

“It is now viewed more like Asia or Europe – you simply can’t visit once to tick it off the bucket list. It’s too big and varied,” he said.

Carter said Peru was a popular destination among Australians for its diversity, but added that travellers are also heading further afield to areas such as Chile and Ecuador. Luxury eco-lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon are also attracting travellers from across the globe, he added.

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