Australians embrace wellness

Wellness now infiltrates every sector of the travel industry, including cruising and urban hotel stays, as Australians sign up to detox, take time out, lose weight and face life’s big issues. Ageing baby boomers and men are key drivers behind the huge growth in the wellness industry estimated to be worth a phenomenal $3.4 trillion […]

Singapore: more than a stopover

Often considered a stopover on the way to somewhere else, LEE MYLNE finds that even a few days in Singapore simply isn’t enough. On the tiny unspoilt island of Palau Ubin, the skyline of Singapore looks deceptively distant. Maybe, I muse as I pause in my cycling exploration of this oasis, it’s just because Palau […]

Los Tres Grandes

By Gary Walsh South America is nothing if not diverse. On the long run from the steamy tropics and beaches of Central America to the fjords and mountains of the gateway to the Antarctic in southern Patagonia, the continent offers jungles, rivers, high-altitude deserts, mysterious archaeological sites, ski fields, vineyards and great cities. And nothing […]

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