• 2019 Cruise Guide

    The 2019 Travel Daily/TravelBulletin/Cruise Weekly Cruise Guide was included in the October 2018 edition of the magazine and also circulated to Travel Daily and Cruise Weekly readers by email.

  • TravelBulletin for October 2018

    The million dollar club, Japan, Europe, South and Central America, Sri Lanka and of course our regular features Business View, Cruise, BEN and all the in depth coverage of industry news

  • TravelBulletin for September 2018

    Race to the poles, features on Africa, Ocean cruising, Solo travellers, Hong Kong & China and family holidays plus all our regular news, BEN, Cruise and Business view

  • TravelBulletin for August 2018

    Keeping it in the family – travel businesses run by family members, special NTIA feature, Europe, Australian Escapes, India and Sports travel plus regulars Business View, BEN, Cruise and in-depth coverage of industry news

  • Doing it by the book

    EVERYONE loves a good story but some stories pull at the heart strings more than others. Some stories resonant so strongly that readers will travel thousands of miles to walk in the author’s footsteps. Caroline Gladstone explores this phenomenon.

  • In full bloom

    When the first dainty buds appear on the trees in Japan, happiness and anticipation are in the air. As the cherry trees burst into flower, so the Japanese burst into smiles. For a brief week, everyone is at their most relaxed. Ladies don gorgeous kimonos, arrange cherry twigs in vases and browse shops for cherry-matching lipsticks. Men drink too much sake and, cranking up portable karaoke machines in public parks, break out in song.

  • Belmond partners with Luke Mangan

    Australian celebrity chef Luke Mangan has signed a new partnership with upmarket operator Belmond.

  • Scenic Eclipse preview

    Discover some of the spectacular locations that you could visit as a guest on board Scenic Eclipse.

  • Qantas Safety Video

    Friendly Australians and stunning destinations are the stars of the new Qantas safety video that showcases Australia as an amazing […]

  • Qantas' 2016 Safety Video

    Friendly Australians and stunning destinations are the stars of the new Qantas safety video that showcases Australia as an amazing […]

  • Travel’s fat cats looking skinny

    THE pay packets of executives leading Australia’s travel and tourism companies are looking relatively scrawny this year, with the impact of COVID-19 seeing some changes at the top of travelBulletin’s annual Million Dollar Club listing. With massive layoffs, job cuts and stand-downs across the board, many of those at the top have also shared in the pain, and the belt-tightening looks set to continue for some time yet. Bruce Piper investigates.

  • Northern Territory invites Aussies to come and play

    THE Northern Territory Government is enticing travellers to come and stay during the territory’s traditionally low tourist season by providing discounts of $200 for every $1,000 spent on a booking made with trade partners.

  • Guscic unrepentant over “those ads”

    THE travel agent community was given a rare insight into the thinking of Webjet CEO John Guscic last month, with the company’s recent addition to the ranks of AFTA prompting an opportunity for an interview with the leader of Australia’s only listed online travel agent (OTA). Speaking to travelBulletin publisher Bruce Piper, Guscic addressed the elephant in the room as he was invited to explain the rationale behind the controversial Webjet TV advertisements of 2016 which derided bricks and mortar travel agents.

  • Agents will remain key for TTC

    THE Travel Corporation’s (TTC) Global CEO, Brett Tollmann, believes that there is still a bright future for travel advisors, despite the massive disruption imposed by COVID-19 this year. Although booking patterns may change, he forecast that, particularly in the case of long-haul travellers from Australia and New Zealand to the USA and Europe, trips are actually likely to get longer in the future because coronavirus measures may necessitate complex procedures for crossing borders.