• TravelBulletin for June 2018

    We sat down and got to know some of the pioneers of the industry in our June cover story. There are features on Cuba, Indochina, New Zealand, Wildlife, Cultural experiences plus the regular Cruise, Business view and of course all the industry news.

  • TravelBulletin for May 2018

    Bruce Piper explores fairness and the gender pay gap, features on Canada & Alaska, the Caribbean, Skiing, Ireland and Arabia plus our regulars Cruise, BEN, Business View and coverage of all the latest industry news

  • TravelBulletin for April 2018

    Exclusive interview with Skroo Turner, Small group touring, Thailand, River cruising, Macao, Romance and regular features Business view, BEN and Cruise

  • TravelBulletin for March 2018

    A day in the life of TTC, from sales to the CEO. Plus features on Europe, drive, unique accommodation, Africa and shopping and regulars Cruise, BEN and Business View

  • Voyages to Antiquity present their Winter 2018/19 programme

    Voyages to Antiquity’s exciting new 2018/19 programme is now on sale.

  • Faifai Lemu, it’s the Samoan Way of life

    “WE are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend” — Robert Louis Stevenson. Lisa Maroun explores Samoa and discovers why this famous Scottish author fell in love with the Samoans and their island nation, so much so he requested his final resting place to be in the island nation.

  • Lucky Eight

    MALAYSIA is bursting with variety, offering rainforest adventures, fish-filled reefs, holiday islands, historic towns and cultural diversity. Brian Johnston gives us eight of its highlights.1. KUALA LUMPUR

  • Tokyo By Night

    TOKYO doesn’t stop at night. In fact, it comes to life. And there’s so much for newcomers to enjoy, writes Ben Groundwater.

  • Digipets

    CALLED ‘Digi-Pet’, this digital solution allows pet owners to continuously monitor and communicate with their pets travelling in the cargo-hold of a plane using their smartphone. It was devised to bring comfort to those who suffer the heartbreak and anxiety of leaving their pets alone in cargo holds, as well as allowing airlines to offer a smoother and safer animal transport process.

  • Experience The Passion Play

    IF it’s a religious experience you’re looking for, then Oberammergau’s Passion Play is certainly one not to miss. The moving stage performance dates back to 1633, when the German town of Oberammergau suffered brutally from the Plague. Residents pledged that if God were to spare them from death, they would perform a play each decade to celebrate the life and death of Jesus. Miraculously, the vow was upheld from above and the townspeople rejoiced by performing the very first Passion Play during Pentecost in 1634.

  • Walk like an ancient Japanese pilgrim

    FROM the famous cherry blossom trees, to the snow-capped peaks of Mount Fuji, Japan truly is a place where nature and history meet — and it’s where travellers on World Expeditions tours can walk in ancient shoes.