• TravelBulletin for February 2019

    Lighting the way off the beaten track – the Intrepid story, Seniors travel, Hawaii, Mediterranean, Pacific, Southeast Asia, plus our regular Business View, BEN and Cruise features and an in-depth look at the Bestjet saga and Magellangate a year on

  • TravelBulletin for December 2018

    2018: the four seasons of the travel industry, USA, Romance & Luxury, Australia, the 2019 Airline Guide and of course regular sections of Business View, BEN, Cruise and industry news

  • 2019 Airline Guide

    The 2019 Travel Daily/TravelBulletin Airline Guide was included in the December 2018/January 2019 edition of the magazine and also circulated […]

  • TravelBulletin for November 2018

    Bridging the generation gap: the rise of multigenerational travel, our picks for next year’s hot spots, Polar, Mediterranean, Pacific Islands and of course our regular news coverage and analysis, BEN, Cruise and Business View

  • Choose your own adventure

    Whether you’re on a thrill-seeking mission or looking for secluded luxury, you can be sure to find an island paradise that’s just right for you, writes Dilvin Yasa.

  • 5 great Australian road trips

    In a country as vast as Australia flying may be faster, but with so much to see between destinations there’s a lot to be said for hitting the road.

  • Five reasons to consider a small group tour

    travelBulletin spoke with Chip Popescu, managing director of Eastern Eurotours & Mediterranean Holidays, on the benefits of opting for a small group tour.

  • French accent

    Kristie Kellahan visits Provence with a small group of big-hearted travellers.

  • In brief: Business events news December 2019/January 2020

    THE 2020 Queensland events calendar is set to inject $880m into the state’s economy, up from $380m in 2015, according to Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones.

  • Cruisin’ through inclusion confusion

    WHEN choosing a river cruise, it’s important to understand what the term “all-inclusive” really means. travelBulletin takes a look at some of the cruise lines sailing the Amsterdam to Budapest route in an effort to find out what it means for their passengers.

  • Encore: something for everyone

    FOR everyone

  • In brief: cruise December 2019/January 2020

    FORMER Silversea Cruises bookkeeper Mary Ann Abellanoza was slapped with an eight-year prison sentence in the NSW District Court last month, after being convicted of defrauding the cruise operator of $3.7 million.