• TravelBulletin for November 2018

    Bridging the generation gap: the rise of multigenerational travel, our picks for next year’s hot spots, Polar, Mediterranean, Pacific Islands and of course our regular news coverage and analysis, BEN, Cruise and Business View

  • 2019 Cruise Guide

    The 2019 Travel Daily/TravelBulletin/Cruise Weekly Cruise Guide was included in the October 2018 edition of the magazine and also circulated to Travel Daily and Cruise Weekly readers by email.

  • TravelBulletin for October 2018

    The million dollar club, Japan, Europe, South and Central America, Sri Lanka and of course our regular features Business View, Cruise, BEN and all the in depth coverage of industry news

  • TravelBulletin for September 2018

    Race to the poles, features on Africa, Ocean cruising, Solo travellers, Hong Kong & China and family holidays plus all our regular news, BEN, Cruise and Business view

  • Voyages to Antiquity present their Winter 2018/19 programme

    Voyages to Antiquity’s exciting new 2018/19 programme is now on sale.

  • Faifai Lemu, it’s the Samoan Way of life

    “WE are all travellers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend” — Robert Louis Stevenson. Lisa Maroun explores Samoa and discovers why this famous Scottish author fell in love with the Samoans and their island nation, so much so he requested his final resting place to be in the island nation.

  • Lucky Eight

    MALAYSIA is bursting with variety, offering rainforest adventures, fish-filled reefs, holiday islands, historic towns and cultural diversity. Brian Johnston gives us eight of its highlights.1. KUALA LUMPUR

  • Tokyo By Night

    TOKYO doesn’t stop at night. In fact, it comes to life. And there’s so much for newcomers to enjoy, writes Ben Groundwater.

  • Island home

    WITH most of the island nations of the Pacific only a short flight from Australia’s east coast, they are an ideal place for a holiday. Each country is unique so read on to scrub up on your knowledge and make sure you can match the right destination to your client.

  • 9 reasons to visit Monaco

    THIS glittering Mediterranean destination offers plenty to the discerning traveller, writes Kristie Kellahan.

  • Tracking the wonders of Cyprus

    HOME to a plethora of ancient archaeological sites, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is best explored up close and at a slower pace.

  • A treasure trove of tourism in Crete

    ONCE home to the Minoan civilisation who believed the half bull, half human Minotaur creature lurked beneath its crust, the Greek island of Crete is now a must-see tourist destination for travellers wanting to explore more of the Mediterranean’s historic gems.