Worldwide 2024’s clear message – Envoyage is ‘for every journey’

TravelBulletin was one of the lucky guests in attendance at the inaugural Envoyage Worldwide 2024 in Santiago, Chile last week. Anna Piper reports.

ENVOYAGE, Flight Centre Travel Group’s (FCTG) new independent brand, has its sights set on the UK as the next major step in its expansion plan.

Speaking to travelBulletin at Worldwide 2024 over the weekend, FCTG MD – Independent & Leisure, Danielle Galloway, said that the recently launched brand plans to continue its global reach in the UK by targeting independent agencies in need of its unique value proposition.

“The sixth country that is missing is the UK, which of course we have a high level of interest to enter,” Galloway revealed.

Formally introduced in February of this year, the overarching Envoyage global brand currently includes markets in the US, Canada, South Africa, NZ, and Australia, all of which had strong representation at the inaugural Worldwide conference in Santiago.

“We’re looking at what the acquisition pathway looks like…it’s an obvious next step in terms of our growth strategy, and the next step forward would be into the UK,” Galloway said.

She also reiterated the strength of Envoyage lies in its growing global reach, in addition to the security and opportunities that comes with being part of FCTG.

“Being able to capitalise on our global strength sets us apart, leveraging the depth of experience across all markets.

“Our global ecosystem gives our members access to an unparalleled range of technology, product, partnerships and innovation backed by a travel business that has been leading the industry for over 40 years,” Galloway added.

Envoyage Global Exec Team – Jason Buckley, Chantal Gouws, Anita Emilio, Danielle Galloway, Christina Pedroni, Astrid Richardson, and Nick Queale

She also shared that Envoyage aims to be a home for independent advisors from every area of the travel industry, explaining that the brand, as its tagline suggests, is for every journey, with the group investing in not only the global Envoyage brand, but also in the development of its widespread travel ecosystem.

“No matter what markets you’re in, no matter what your business model is, no matter what your specialisation, there is a pathway for everyone,” she said.

“Having one global brand allows FCTG to centralise investment in our rapidly growing independents division, including technology, product, and innovation.”

Envoyage will go live in Australia in the middle of this year, a launch that Envoyage General Manager AU Nick Queale said is being eagerly awaited by the local market.

“In Australia, it’s about community, about bringing everyone together under one brand, giving them what we can do as a global company and giving them the vision of the home and heart of the travel entrepreneur.

“Giving them a place to be a forever home,” he contended.

Additionally, Queale believes that the competitive advantage of Envoyage in Australia is the group’s focus on partnering in the journey of the individual agent.

“It’s your business, your way…come with us on the journey, be your business, it’s your DNA”, he explained. “Then, we act together…we’ll take your brand to the next level.”

Envoyage’s Australian leadership team – Nick Queale, Lisa Zahra, Zoran Panzich, Fiona Batten, William Wu, and Blake Newell

Queale also revealed that a custom designed shopfront offering will be incorporated into the launch of the brand locally.

“The elevated, modern Envoyage brand has sparked incredible interest across the market, igniting significant enquiry regarding our custom designed shopfront offering,” he told travelBulletin at the Worldwide conference last week.

“The global launch of our principal brand at a head office level has sparked a lot of conversations and a lot of intrigue in our market,” he explained.

“There are a lot of agents and agencies that want to know more and want to know what it’s like coming on a journey with us.

“So it’s a really exciting phase for Envoyage.”

Queale also explained the unique offering of Envoyage, where agents have flexibility in how much of the brand offering they want to adopt.

“It’s that whole take as little or as much as you want of the Envoyage offering…we’re empowering them to make decisions and we’re not controlling their destiny.

“It’s giving them the flexibility to grow their business, and to achieve their goals”, Queale concluded.

Nick Queale with AU Rising Star Ashlea Blake from Blake Travel

FCTG’s newest brand has a clear edge in the market, according to Galloway, who in her opening address at the global conference, shared that Envoyage stands out through great value propositions, including its extensive ecosystem, product marketplace, powerhouse brand, engagement, and elevated returns.

“What sits behind all these customer value propositions is the power of our global ecosystem…and this makes us bring forward a value proposition that is not comparable anywhere in the market,” she explained.

A new home for independent agencies, Envoyage is currently in five international markets, with over 1,400 members selling $2 billion worth of experiences.

Galloway shared the 12 elements of the brand’s strategy to ensure it stands out and is future-proof, including the lead generation through the global brand, AI technology, and loyalty.

She also revealed FCTG is making key investment efforts in better air technology.

Speaking to Envoyage members, Galloway shared that FCTG will shortly be launching a new air ticketing platform, in addition to highlighting the brand’s current NDC capability.

“Our NDC capability is better than anyone in the market”, she noted, explaining that the FCTG difference includes physically owning the TPConnects NDC.

“We’re future-proofing now through having global fares, through how NDC is being serviced through this marketplace, and also making sure we have a productive comparison shopping system built behind it,” Galloway said.

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