Western Sydney International has “cracked the code”

The new airport will be aptly represented by the IATA code "WSI".

WESTERN Sydney International Nancy-Bird Walton Airport has “cracked the code”, securing “WSI” as its three-letter location identifier more than three years out from its opening.

The code, which is usually provided to airports within 12 months of their start of operations, was designated early by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Both Qantas Group and Virgin Australia were among the advocates which wrote to IATA requesting early designation of the WSI code for Western Sydney International.

“In securing WSI, our new airport has joined the ranks of other airports with iconic codes such as LAX, JFK, LHR and HKG,” Western Sydney Chair Paul O’Sullivan enthused.

“We’ve had enormous levels of interest from airlines…around the world that are excited for what new aviation capacity, 24/7 operations, and a modern, digitally enabled airport means.”

“Bag tags, booking websites and airline apps around the world will now feature WSI.”

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