Voyages launches Wintjiri Wiru

VOYAGES Indigenous Tourism Australia has introduced Wintjiri Wiru, a new evening experience at Uluru Ayers Rock Resort. First announced in February, the light and sound show aims to bring ancient Anangu storytelling to life using state-of-the-art drone and laser light technology.

The groundbreaking event will take place in a purpose-built open-air amphitheatre, and will feature expertly choreographed lasers, drones and projections, creating a modern display of the ancient Anangu story.

“We are honoured that we can share the cultural importance of the Mala story with our guests, through such an illuminating and captivating experience in the spiritual heart of Australia,” Voyages CEO Matt Cameron-Smith commented.

Voyages has combined revolutionary technology with the ancient Mala Story, working in conjunction with a range of stakeholders including the Anangu Consultation Group, to create a unique and immersive cultural experience for visitors. As part of the experience, guests will also enjoy an authentic celebration of native Australian ingredients and Indigenous cuisine for dinner.

“People from every place have come to see Uluru,” Rene Kulitja explained on behalf of the Anangu Consultation Group. “Now we want people to come and experience our story in a new way…we want visitors to know this is our story, to look and listen and feel with us.

“Our stories have been here since the beginning, and we want to share this story with the world,” Kulitja concluded. Two Wintjiri Wiru shows will run every night between March and December, with one show a night operating in January and February.

A number of travel industry delegates attended last night’s global launch, enjoying canapes with native ingredients, as the sun set over Uluru ahead of the light show.

Featured image: Anangu share the Mala story, from Kaltukatjara to Uluru, through a drone, sound and light show designed and produced by RAMUS.

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