Virgin cancels second season in Australia

The cruise line remains concerned about the situation in the Red Sea, having earlier this year rerouted its reposition cruise away from the inlet.

VIRGIN Voyages has cancelled its second season in Australia, as the cruise line remains concerned about “potential escalations in the Red Sea” over the next 12 months.

The cruise line, which is at the end of its first season in Australia, said the Red Sea crisis “puts unacceptable risks for safe passage through the region for our sailors, crew, and vessel.”

“To say that we are disappointed to have come to this tough conclusion is an understatement,” a Virgin spokesperson said.

“These adjustments are happening now in order to minimise potential future disruption to our passengers’ holiday plans knowing there is a high likelihood that changes would need to happen in the future,” they added.

“Our customers and travel agent partners asked us to ensure we give them as much time as possible to make alternative plans,” the spokesperson said.

Virgin said it had been embraced by the Australian market with a warm welcome, and declared its inaugural season “extremely successful”, adding “the love was mutual”.

The cruise line said it is currently working through options to return to Australia and the Asia Pacific region “once regional repositioning opportunities become more tenable”.

“We will share updates on future itineraries across the fleet as soon as possible, and in the event that we return for the ‘25 season, existing booked sailors will have priority to move onto these sailings,” Virgin said.

Impacted passengers also have the option to rebook another voyage, or opt for a full refund.

Resilient Lady will now complete her Mediterranean sailing season on 20 Oct, and divert course sailing to San Juan for a new Caribbean season offering seven-, eight-, 10- and 11-night voyages, visiting St. Maarten, St. Vincent, Colombia, and Dominica.

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