Vietjet to fly into Melbourne

The budget carrier has just announced a new direct flight between Hanoi and Melbourne, off the back of its rapid expansion into Australia. Jo-Anne Hui-Miller reports.

THE inaugural flight between the two destination will take off on 03 June.

“Our mission is to provide the chance for people to fly and discover the world and to also contribute to the growth of the economy of Vietnam and other countries,” said Vietjet Vice-President Nguyen Thi Thuy Binh in an interview with travelBulletin.

“We don’t want to just open one route but to create a network and connect people in different parts of Australia to different destinations in Vietnam.”

According to Nguyen, since Vietjet first launched in April last year, the airline has attracted nearly 350,000 passengers, making up more than 42% of the total traffic between Vietnam and Australia.

“The direct travel market between Vietnam and Australia has grown by more than 40% from the time that Vietjet [launched in Australia],” she noted, adding that this year, the airline aims to carry more than 1 million passengers.

Australian tourists can also travel with Vietjet beyond Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with its extensive network of 80 international and 45 domestic routes. These include Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore and Vientiane and Hanoi to Siem Reap and Hong Kong and Phu Quoc to Taipei and Busan.

In addition, Vietjet has developed a new strategic partnership with global operations giant Swissport to grow its on-ground handling and cargo services.

Nguyen said that Vietjet had “expanded very fast” in Australia and its collaboration with Swissport will help standardise and maintain the airline’s high service levels throughout the year.

Since Vietjet launched in Australia, it became the first Vietnamese airline to connect Vietnam with Australia’s largest cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane (via Ho Chi Minh City) and Melbourne (via Hanoi). It was also the first Vietnamese airline to operate in Adelaide and Perth and now operates 58 weekly flights between the two countries.

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