TravelManagers celebrates reconnection

The TravelManagers home-based network of Personal Travel Managers this week held its 2022 Conference in Sydney, with more than 300 delegates including members and suppliers kicking up their heels in a fabulous post-pandemic reunion.

Joe Araullo, CEO of parent company House of Travel Australia, highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to members and staff over the last two years, saying the organisation had managed to retain about 70% of its network overall.

This year the restart of travel has seen a huge rebound for the business, with Araullo telling delegates TravelManagers has shown “awesome resilience” through the pandemic. After seeing a resurgence in sales each month since May, performance has improved so much that August 2022 was the company’s best August ever.

“Noone is better positioned than we are,” he said, adding “I’m glad we don’t have bricks and mortar stores – what we do have is each other”. Despite the current global and local uncertain economic environment, “we know we can meet these challenges and come out stronger than ever…we are a low cost, flexible and capable business”.

Araullo said the team was currently closely focusing on improving yields and margins for its members, by accessing wholesale and corporate net rates where possible to offset airline base commission reductions.

“We also see a real opportunity to work closely with cruise lines, who truly value travel distribution. They provide genuine commission across the total product, and are prepared to support genuine joint marketing activities to drive sales,” he said.

The event included a host of networking opportunities including cocktail parties, a harbour cruise and wrapped up with a disco-themed gala dinner.

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