Travel technology companies partner on unused credits

Magnatech and Kudos are helping the corporate sector use unutilised flight credits.

MAGNATECH Travel and Kudos Travel have teamed up to simplify the corporate travel sector’s uptake of unused flight credits.

The partnership will see Kudos integrate Magnatech’s ONTRACKplus unused ticket management services into its management platform, with the move to provide an interactive dashboard for travel advisors, their corporate clients, and travellers to view any available unused credits.

ONTRACKplus allows for bulk credit expiry updates, eliminating the need for manual updating by a travel management company.

Kudos can also facilitate credit uptake when booking flights, all within the one interface, with the company’s Managing Director Paul Rasmussen praising the Magnatech deal.

Rasmussen said Kudos is excited to offer clients a streamlined solution for managing travel credits.

“By integrating Magnatech’s services into the Kudos Travel Platform, we can ensure our clients have access to all the information they need to reduce costs and make informed travel decisions,” he said.

Magnatech Chief Executive Paul Gioia said his company aslo is thrilled to partner with Kudos to widen the ONTRACKplus services’ reach.

“Our goal is to ensure that no credits are left on the table by our clients, and this integration allows us to do just that,” he said.

The partnership has been minted just days after Qantas Airways made a change to its COVID credit scheme, extending the time its customers have to use them by 12 months.

The move however was less aggressive than CHOICE would have liked, with the consumer organisation pushing for a scrapping of expiry dates on such credits altogether.

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