Travel insurer Battleface lands in Australia

The major global insurer is bringing its partner platform Down Under.

TRAVEL insurer Battleface’s partner platform has landed in Australia, with a number of local affiliates announced, including Awai and Wise & Silent.

Providing Australians with flexible, unbundled travel insurance, Battleface’s API promises to “turn the archaic model of ‘one-size-fits-all’ on its head”.

Battleface’s unique modularity product equips partners with customisable plan options with variable excess levels and bespoke benefit limit, allowing them to build their own products.

Available in more than 185 countries, Battleface’s platform offers predetermined rates and benefits, resulting in complete flexibility for customers.

Standard cover from Battleface includes protection against trip cancellation up to $40,000pp, personal liability insurance of $2.5 million, and unlimited medical.

Customers will also have access to Battleface’s 24/7 emergency medical, travel, claims, and customer service teams.

“When travel insurance is unbundled into individual benefits, partners can build their own products on top of APIs with precise benefits driving higher conversion and overall customer satisfaction,” Managing Director Matt McLellan said.

“By partnering with compatible brands across Australia we’re able to offer customers access to products based on their actual travel needs and itineraries.”

Interested travel partners can reach out directly to the Australian team via [email protected].

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