The Luxury Travel Collection is the “next generation in luxury travel”

The Luxury Travel Collection wants to lead a new generation of luxury travel, and this week announcing the next stage of big plans to make it happen. ANNA PIPER reports.

“This room is the next generation of the luxury travel industry”, according to Global Managing Director of the Luxury Leisure Division FCTG, Danielle Galloway, opening this year’s Luxury Product Showcase at the Langham Gold Coast yesterday morning. The two day gathering will see over 200 luxury travel advisors and 60 suppliers attend and connect.

“We know there is a new luxury customer, we know that there is new luxury product on the shelves, and importantly, we know that there is a next generation of luxury”, Galloway explained.

“We want to lead that. We want to be the next generation of luxury travel”.

Speaking with travelBulletin, Galloway said the Luxury Travel Collection is “carving out a new path in the luxury space”, setting itself apart through a focus on the new luxury traveller and the next generation of high net worth individual. “It’s how we’re going to stand out from the rest in terms of our thinking, and how we are really building the Luxury Travel Collection, and our approach to being distinct in the marketplace,” she shared.

The 10th Luxury Product Showcase to be hosted by FCTG, this year’s event is the first under the recently launched Luxury Travel Collection brand, with previous iterations taking place under the group’s Travel Associates banner, marking a new chapter for Travel Associates and an important step in the Luxury Travel Collection’s growth strategy.

The Luxury Travel Collection is the next generation of the luxury travel industry

“Today we welcome not just the Travel Associates brand that we have the past nine years, but we also welcome all of these incredible brands to join us as the global luxury house”, Galloway enthused, welcoming travel advisors from recent additions Emma Whiting Travel & Cruise, Bicton Travel, Claremont Cruise & Travel Centre, Destination HQ, Travel Experts, Dream Maker Travel, and Home Travel Company.

“We are stronger together, and we want to be ahead of the market in terms of luxury travel,” she shared, explaining that the group will continue to add members as it positions itself as a leader in the luxury space. “We will continue to grow and to welcome new [retail] brands into the Luxury Travel Collection in the coming weeks and months. The important piece is that they need to be the right brands and need to be hand-selected into our collection.”

Cath McDiarmid and Mandy Finlayson from Emma Whiting Travel & Cruise with Travel Associates’ Askin Erkec

In addition to welcoming new retailers to the group, the Luxury Travel Collection’s growth strategy includes new luxury brand partnerships and a significant digital transformation, in addition to a “luxury university”, increased luxury events, and innovations in product procurement and product distribution through the new Galeries de Luxe platform.

Hinting at the upcoming technological overhaul, Galloway explained that the entry point of the new digital ecosystem will double the customer databases of consultants.

“Watch this space, it’s probably the biggest disruptor that we will see that will make sure that every single one of our businesses is ahead of the game, and making sure that we are winning that new high net worth customer.”

Keeping the group’s three key customers at the centre – luxury suppliers, luxury advisors, and luxury clients – the Luxury Travel Collection has also launched Galeries de Luxe, a luxury travel department store inspired by the success of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton retail stores around the world. Galeries de Luxe will offer clients a sophisticated, curated collection of luxury travel products and exclusive experiences to clients, further elevating the Luxury Travel Collection offering, Galloway promised.

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