The key trends shaping Australia’s travel landscape

Rather than cutting back on travel amid cost-of-living pressures, Australians are simply adapting the way they holiday. Janie Medbury investigates.

AUSSIE travellers are increasingly seeking out shorter, more frequent trips, News Corp Australia’s biannual Consumer Travel Trend Forecast has revealed. The report, which analyses behavioural data from the News Travel Network audience, found that the trend towards “swift travel” is also characterised by spur-of-the-moment trips that are closer to home, indicating that Aussies are changing their holidaying habits in order to adapt to the economic downturn.

Artificial intelligence is shaping another key trend, News Corp has found, with more travellers turning to new AI tools to help them plan and book their holidays. The report noted that brands should use “humour, charm, individuality, fun and the emotions that come from first-hand experiences of a destination” to entice this particular segment back to traditional travel agents.

While by no means a new trend, the data also shows that road tripping has maintained its popularity Down Under, likely due to pricey flight fares and the weak value of the Aussie dollar overseas, resulting in more people opting to pack up the car and drive to their holiday destination.

Other noteworthy trends include a “travel maths mindset”, reflecting the splurge and save habits people are using to plan and pay for their getaway, with figures revealing that 30% of travellers are relying on loyalty points for flights and accommodation. Aussies are also coming up with new ways to drink and dine on a budget, with holidaymakers focusing more on market experiences as opposed to fine dining.

Additionally, the research identified four factors that are influencing the way Australians travel, including the desire to escape the humdrum of everyday life, seeking out shared experiences, an appreciation of micro moments (or “little luxuries”), and the quest to enhance their wellbeing.

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