The Islands of Tahiti publishes five-year tourism plan

The strategy aims to establish the country as the leading destination in the Pacific by 2027.

THE Islands of Tahiti has published a strategic roadmap for “inclusive and sustainable tourism”, which seeks to promote French Polynesia as one of the leading destinations in the Pacific for these two tourism sectors.

The destination management organisation’s roadmap Fari’ira’a Manihini 2027 outlines a strategy to protect French Polynesia’s natural resources, benefit the local population, and preserve the highest-quality visitor experience possible.

It was co-constructed with locals, as well as public and private tourism stakeholders, in a collaborative approach initiated by the Ministry of Tourism of French Polynesia.

At the heart of the plan is the economic and cultural needs of the Tahitian population, with a key pillar to manage the rate of visitation, which is projected to be 280,000 by 2027.

This cap plans to maintain a goal of a relative ratio of one inhabitant to one visitor, with the current population of 278,781 according to this year’s census.

The Ministry’s policy is to favour longer stays and spread the flow of tourists and their financial benefits among the different islands by implementing infrastructure improvements and investments.

This will also ease the pressure on the best-known destinations, such as Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, while exposing lesser-known islands.

If this strategy is successful, it may be reviewed in 2027, The Islands of Tahiti said.

Beyond visitor totals and concepts, almost 150 tangible initiatives have been identified, covering everything from waste management and expanded wi-fi networks to developing eco-tourism parks and hiking trails.

“The Islands of Tahiti should remain a slow tourism destination — a little corner of paradise with exceptional service focusing on experiences, culture and encounters with the local population,” Tahiti Tourisme Chief Executive Officer Jean-Marc Mocellin said.

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