The four types of Aussie travellers to emerge by 2033

AUSSIES generally prefer a simple approach to travel, according to a recent report commissioned by travel technology company Amadeus.

The Traveler Tribes 2033 global study identified four different types of travellers that will develop over the next decade, based on survey responses from more than 10,000 people across 15 countries.

Almost half of Australians (45%) fell under the category of ‘Memory Makers’, whose primary focus is memorable travel experiences. They take a more traditional approach to travel, prioritising people over technology and sustainability. Globally, 44% of Memory Makers are aged 42 and over, and are habitual in their travel behaviours.

On a global scale, the ‘Pioneering Pathfinder’ was found to be the most common traveller profile at 43%, however only 27% of Australians fit this category. This group of individuals love fast-paced travel, are open to new experiences, and let sustainability influence their decisions, with most being between the ages of 23 and 41.

The third most common profile for Aussies (25%) is the ‘Excited Experientialist’. Many of these individuals are without children and have a mid- to high-income job with flexible working options. This category of travellers prefer to follow their instincts when it comes to vacationing, rather than making solid plans. They are also open to using new technology and favour less predictable and more exciting accommodation options.

While 15% of the world’s travellers were found to ‘Travel Tech-fluencers’, only 3% of Australians fit this bill. Made up largely of business travellers under the age of 32, this particular cohort is focused on the future of technology in travel, and are also more conscious about sustainability options.

Overall, Australian travellers are particularly excited about the following three emerging technologies: being able to pay for trips by cryptocurrency, in a virtual reality or via facial recognition; using data to create relevant trips; and virtual reality preview tours.

“As the travel industry renews, the Traveler Tribes report maps out what matters most to travellers in APAC; be it sustainable travel or emerging technologies, their behaviours and the values they seek in travel will shape the industry in 2033 and beyond,” Amadeus Senior Vice President, Travel unit Marketing, Asia Pacific said.

If you want to discover which Traveler Tribe you are part of, you can take the quiz here.

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