Stuba adds two new curations

STUBA has announced the addition of two new curations to its website, Trade Deals and Boutique Hotels, which CEO Ruchir Bang said are “designed to make our partner’s lives easier”.

The new Trade Deals curation shows where there are bigger pricing gaps compared to online public rates, saving agents time on research and giving customers the reassurance of getting a preferential rate and booking via a travel agent.

Additionally, the recently launched ‘Boutique’ hotels curation on the accommodation specialist’s website allows agents to engage with discerning travellers who are looking for an alternative to larger hotels and chains.

The two new offerings will automatically appear within Stuba’s curated listings alongside other popular categories including Luxe, Beach and Trending with Other Agents.

“Boutique hotels are incredibly popular, so to have a curation that highlights them is fantastic. Some of the hotels within the collection are offering value-added offers, which are also easy to find,” Bang explained.

“Trade Deals is giving power back to the agent so that they can be confident that they are offering a price difference over and above online public rates; a win-win for them and their customers!”

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