Solo female travellers Flight Centre’s most popular demographic for 2023

Flight Centre has released a number of insights from 2023.

FLIGHT Center’s typical Australian customer this year has been a 54-year-old woman travelling solo to Europe or South East Asia, according to the company’s Australia’s Year In Travel 2023 report.

While solos led Flight Centre’s booking demographics this year, making up 43% of the company’s customers, couples were not far behind, with 40% travelling with a companion.

Less than one in 10 (9%) of Flight Centre’s customers were families, while 8% were group bookings.

Domestic led the way in terms of destinations travelled to (68%), with Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane taking out the top three spots.

London and Bali (4th and 5th) were the top two international destinations for Australians, with just under a third of Flight Centre bookings made for international travel this year.

Gold Coast, Perth, Singapore, Adelaide, and Auckland rounded out the top 10 destinations for the year.

Because 2023 was Australia’s first uninterrupted year of travel, many long-term favourite Australian destinations saw an uptick in visitation, with Bali up 27%, Phuket up 24%, and Auckland up 23%.

Although not representing the largest slice of the pie, families were one of Flight Centre’s largest growth areas for the year, with 50% booking flights, 46% booked holiday packages, and 4% booking accommodation only, with the average length of their holiday 11 days.

More than half (56%) of Flight Centre’s family customers travelled to international destinations, with Fiji, Hawaii, and Bali leading the way as the most popular destinations.

Almost half (44%) of families travelled to domestic destinations, with Cairns, the Gold Coast, and Port Douglas out on front as choice locales.

Interestingly, the couples travellers split was also 56-44 in favour of international destinations, with long-haul ports such as the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States proving popular.

Believe it or not, couples are heading to the same places as families when travelling domestically, with the top three destinations also Cairns, the Gold Coast, and Port Douglas.

Couples were also the greatest bookers of tours with Flight Centre (44%), followed by solo travellers (30%) and small groups (21%).

London was unsurprisingly the top city for tourers, followed by Asian destinations such as Bangkok, Tokyo, and Hanoi.

Flight Centre also said it is picking London to be Australia’s hottest international destination for 2024, followed by Singapore, Bali, Auckland, and Fiji.

Rounding out the top 10 is predicted to be Hawaii, Tokyo, Dubai, Phuket, and Bangkok.

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