Smooth sailing ahead for the cruise industry

Public sentiment around cruising is on the rise, according to figures released by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia.

THE independent market research revealed that 81% of Australians who have cruised in the past said they would cruise again in the next few years – this is up from the 73% shown in November last year, and almost on par with pre-pandemic levels (82%).

Among Australians who have never cruised before, 56% said they were open to cruising. While this remains below pre-pandemic levels (63% in December 2019), it is significantly higher than the 43% recorded in November 2021.

Across both categories of cruisers and non-cruisers, 65% indicated that they were likely or very likely to book a cruise in the next two years – a figure which has exceeded pre-pandemic levels (64%).

CLIA Managing Director Australasia Joel Katz said the research, which was commissioned as part of a global CLIA research project in July, reflected the industry’s resilience ahead of the 2022-23 summer season, which will see 20 CLIA cruise lines sail into Australasian waters.

“Australians and New Zealanders have always been among the world’s most passionate cruisers, so it’s great to see enthusiasm among past guests is back at pre-pandemic levels,” Katz said.

“Sentiment has climbed even higher in other countries where cruise operations have been running for some time, so we can be confident of a similar rise in our region as we move forward.”

Katz also highlighted the success of Cruise Month, which saw a whole host of promotions and social media campaigns run under the theme #LoveCruise throughout September.

According to Katz, the initiative received a wave of support and garnered “fantastic pick-up” among travel agents and cruise fans.

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