Ski as important as ever to Club Med

The sport makes up almost a third of all business Club Med turns over in Australia.

CLUB Med wants to ensure it continues to be the leader in the premium all-inclusive ski resort market, with the sport now representing about 30% of its business in Australia.

General Manager Pacific Michelle Davies told travelBulletin ski has become one of the most successful arms of the company’s business, and given it owns its positioning in the space, it is important it is on top of market tendencies.

“We see more and more new clients booking our ski properties,” Davies said, labelling ski one of the most lucrative products in Australia for Club Med.

“We are constantly trying to keep at the forefront of the trends within ski and ensuring that we have destinations on our radar that are up and coming when it comes to the ski market.”

Adding to ski’s importance to Club Med is its perennial customer base, which travels frequently and diversely.

“It has a really long customer journey or lifecycle with us where we have that repeat purchase year in year out,” she explained.

“A lot of families will travel and learn how to ski for the very first time, mostly for us in Japan, where they’ll have a taste of this experience, love that it’s something different, love that it’s something that you don’t necessarily get to that same level here domestically, have the opportunity to do a sport with your family, plus experience the local culture, language, cuisine.

“What we see then is that repeat purchase, they come back looking a little bit further afield… they might go to Japan one year, and then the following year, they might look at going to France or even Canada.”

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