SIA introduces Continuous Pricing model

New pricing model extended to NDC from the start of this month.

FOLLOWING a successful trial, Singapore Airlines said it will “progressively introduce Continuous Pricing throughout the network”.

The revised offering will extend to fares offered via travel agents using New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology this month.

“Like most airlines in the world, SIA is currently constrained in the number of pre-determined price points that we can offer to our customers,” the carrier said.

“Continuous Pricing will allow SIA to move away from offering only these pre-determined price points and offer many more price points to our customers and trade partners based on real-time competitive data.”

Continuously Priced fares will be identifiable after ticketing by the addition of “/DP” after the parent fare basis, and will be progressively deployed on all SQ-only itineraries for Business, Premium Economy and Economy class bookings.

Singapore Airlines noted that Continuous Pricing is “calibrated so that the fares offered are always lower than those offered via non-NDC channels,” and once again urged travel agencies to utilise NDC either via direct API connections, the Agent 360 booking portal or via an approved intermediary technology partner.

The carrier confirmed that “as per current practice”, fares may change at time of ticketing from the fare shown at time of booking with this likely to be more frequent due to ongoing price adjustments when Continuous Pricing is fully rolled out.

“Notwithstanding this, we have calibrated the Continuous Pricing Fare Offer so that there should not be a substantial change in the fare levels, if any,” SIA said, while at the same time encouraging customers to make full payment for bookings as soon as possible to lock in their fares.

Ticketing time limits will continue to be determined by booking classes, and SIA said Continuous Pricing does not impact the ability to reissue or revalidate tickets.

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