Search finally over for tourism?

NEW figures released by Agoda have finally given local tourism operators something to smile about, with the report showing high levels of search from key Asian markets seeking a holiday to Australia.

Among the biggest search increases for trips Down Under were potential visitors from Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia, with jumps in interest also noted in the United States and Singapore.

So healthy was the renewed interest that Agoda said its search data had shown a three-fold increase in Australia from overseas markets over the last six months.

The report also presented insights into the different travel mentalities of various source markets, with citizens from South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia for example focusing more on additional travel experiences along the lines of  local culture, food, wine, nature and wildlife.

MEANWHILE the vacuum left by Chinese visitation may present another opportunity for Australia, with India very much in the sights of Tourism Australia’s marketing activities.

The peak marketing body’s Regional General Manager for Southeast Asia, Brent Anderson, predicted Indian nationals would become the country’s largest source market by 2030, overtaking current number one New Zealand, and filling a much needed gap left by Chinese travellers.

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