Rediscover Travel doubles down on its agent partner commitment

Unveiling its rebrand this week, the young wholesaler says agents and travellers have a lot to get excited about, MATT LENNON writes.

Start-up wholesaler Rediscover Travel says it is willing to turn down new business opportunities if it means its ability to deliver exemplary service to its core group of premium partner agents is affected or diminished.

Speaking to travelBulletin at the company’s grand rebrand and relaunch, Rediscover Travel Founder, Chris Watson, said the company plans to devote dedicated reservations resources to its partner agent network in an effort to foster strong working relationships.

“Because we’re small, we want to make sure we keep things personal and stay in contact with agents,” Watson said.

“Being able to have a personalised reservations person that looks after your agency who the agent can speak to each time, this way you’ve always got a point of contact so if there’s a problem, it’s fixed before you know it.

“We want to be able to support agents through it rather than simply be a name at the end of an email, building relationships to ensure we support our agents.”

On top of providing agents with a familiar voice on the other end of the phone line, Watson said Rediscover was committed to ensuring even direct enquiries and bookings found their way back to an agent to ensure that positive relationship with frontline sellers was maintained.

“We will never take your client’s email or add them to a database because they are their agent’s client, not ours,” Watson said.

“We want to make sure agents know that even if their client calls us directly, we’ll see them in our reservation system and say ‘hang on, you’re already in our system and last time you booked with this agent’ – we’re going to hand this booking back to them so they always own that client.”

Rediscover centres its product portfolio around six core pillars, each focusing on a particular travel style and experience, with Rediscover Music tipped to be one of its hottest products.

This pillar unlocks some of the most prized and impossible-to-get concert tickets exclusively to travel agents, including Taylor Swift’s upcoming Australian tour, as part of curated concert packages.

For this and another pillar, Rediscover Theatre, packages include a representative from the company who personally escorts guests to their seats and is on hand throughout the night.

In addition to these, Rediscover Resort Stays, Rediscover City Stays, Rediscover Wellness and Rediscover Unique Cruises complete the family, each of which paying commission on the full booking to its agent partners.

Agents can contact Rediscover Travel on 1300 328 307.

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