Rediscover the most remote holiday hotspot in Australia

The tropical destination's website received a makeover in a partnership with an award-winning agency.

COCOS Keeling Islands, located 900km from Christmas Island and a half-day flight from Perth in Western Australia, has launched a new website to promote the remote destination.

Visitors can view on the swaying palm trees, white-sand beaches and ocean adventures through the main frame of the website to get the gist of what the tropical getaway has on offer, with the website being revamped by the design and technology agency Humaan.

Branding the revamp as ‘Australia’s last unspoilt paradise’, the ethos extends from the Chair of the Cococs Keeling Islands Tourism Association Mike Kirpatrick on the rarity in finding such a location.

“It’s rare to find a destination that’s as beautiful, yet so undeveloped. It’s for the more adventurous as life is simple here but that’s what we know many travellers are looking for.”

The Cocos Keeling Islands accounts to 27 islands, only two of which are inhabited.

Kirpatrick also emphasised on winning an award was not enough to produce enough attention to the tropical destination, which can only host up to 144 guests when fully occupied.

“Visitation has really been from word of mouth, even when Cossies Beach on Direction Island was named Australia’s best beach a few years back. Many travellers don’t know we’re here or that we’re an Australian territory,” Kirpartrick stressed.

The tropical oasis is accessible through Virgin Australia in a twice-weekly flight frequency from Perth, and inhabits activities from sports fishing and kitesurfing to scuba diving, snorkeling and birdwatching.

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