Queensland maps out the road to recovery

The Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) has banded together with the University of Queensland (UQ) to tackle the industry's skill shortage crisis, Janie Medbury reports.

THE two organisations have collaborated to produce a resilience roadmap for Queensland’s tourism workforce, which has been facing a critical skills shortage following disruptions to the industry over the past three years.

Backed by the state government’s Advance Queensland scheme, the research was led by Associate Professor Richard Robinson of UQ’s Business School, with the data then used to create the ‘Queensland Tourism Workforce Crisis Resilience and Recovery Strategy’ toolkit.

The resource, which provides insights and actionable recommendations on building resilience in five of the state’s key regions, is aimed at employees, operators and other stakeholders.

“When COVID hit, there was talk of doom and gloom and the end of tourism, but history tells us that tourism has an extremely resilient demand and supply cycle,” Dr Robinson said.

“The overarching objective of our research was to cultivate an attitude in the industry of being prepared and proactively planning to navigate and withstand future adversities – it’s called ‘presilience’.

“Strong learning and change cultures in tourism businesses are highly predictive of resilient organisations, with positive flow-on effects for communities and destinations.”

QTIC CEO Brett Fraser said he believes “evidence-based, industry-led commentary must guide our future efforts in tackling tourism’s workforce challenges”, and encourages the industry to take advantage of the “invaluable resources” that have emerged from the project – access the toolkit here.

MEANWHILE, Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) has this week launched a new marketing campaign with the aim of boosting the Sunny State’s visitor economy following severe weather events.

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