Qantas offers agents discounts

Qantas has promised Australian travel agents lower pricing when they book fares through its next-generation distribution platform.

THE Qantas strategy of rewarding advisors who sell tickets aboard its flights in lieu of a decent BSP commission was fleshed out a little further this week, with the airline revealing that Australian travel agents will benefit from lower pricing when booking through its highly-touted Qantas Distribution Platform.

From 29 Nov, travel advisors will be able to access domestic fares at a lower price via the Platform when compared to other indirect booking systems, with Qantas stating it would offer better value and confidence in bookings.

Qantas Executive Manager of Global Sales and Distribution, Igor Kwiatkowski, added that the lower pricing would be the latest in a line of benefits rolled out to trade partners through the airline’s restructured distribution strategy.

“Through the Qantas Distribution Platform, we have continued to invest in and modernise our distribution capabilities to the highest industry standards and lower pricing means that we can share these benefits and efficiencies with our trade partners,” Kwiatkowski said.

“Lower pricing will be a great incentive for our partners in adopting the Qantas Distribution Platform as well as creating more value and confidence when booking Qantas fares.

“The initiative will complement the many capabilities already enabled through our distribution platform from dynamic commission offers to personalisation for customers.

“We know that some of our partners are still in the process of connecting to the platform, so we’ll be providing extra support in the three months leading up to the launch of lower pricing,” he added.

The Qantas Distribution Platform – built using IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards – was designed to modernise the service that trade partners provide to customers with a wider range of products, features and capabilities.

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