Qantas announces 4% discounts for agents

QANTAS has made good on a promise it made back in August to provide travel agents with discounts, announcing today that it will give agents access to up to 4% lower base domestic fares for bookings made through the Qantas Distribution Platform.

The platform was built using IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standards, and aims to modernise the retailing experience by offering a wider range of products, features and capabilities.

“The new discount complements the many capabilities already enabled through the Qantas Distribution platform such as richer content and increased customer personalisation,” Qantas Executive Manager of Global Sales and Distribution Igor Kwiatkowski explained.

“With 60 international markets now able to connect to the platform, our trade partners both around the world and at
home will be able take advantage of up to 4 per cent lower Australian domestic fares and other benefits of the platform.”

MEANWHILE, Qantas announced the launch of more than 225,000 reward seats to coastal destinations including Byron Bay, Hamilton Island, Broome and the Gold Coast, in what will be its biggest-ever release of Points Planes.

Every seat, including Business, can be booked as a Classic Reward seats between 9-22 January and all of February 2023, with frequent flyers able to secure their spots from 11am today until 02 December.

Reward seats on most of the routes can be booked from 8,000 points one-way, with a family of four being able to travel from Sydney to the Gold Coast and back for under 65,000 points.

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