LTC launches Galeries de Luxe

Flight Centre’s The Luxury Travel Collection (LTC) has announced new buying power for its advisors in the form of Galeries de Luxe, revealed at its signature Luxury Product Showcase today.

Inspired by the glamour of the world’s most famous retail department stores, Galeries de Luxe will offer clients a curated collection of travel products, retailed by the luxury experts that make up LTC.

The ‘luxury department store’ will be a one-stop-shop for consultants to find the best product for their clients, consisting of seven areas of travel to make up the collection – Hotels de Luxe, Cruises de Luxe, Experiences de Luxe, Grand Tour de Luxe, le Train de Luxe, Prive de Luxe, and Avion de Luxe.

Opening the metaphorical doors to Galeries de Luxe to guests in Qld today, LTC Director of Brand and Marketing, Anna Burgdorf (pictured), shared that “Like any department store full of luxury labels, the LTC members can shop from our global store of extraordinary products. It will be curated and bespoke, we will have high-end partners and unrivalled experience providers, because that is the client we’re servicing”.

“We will have the best product selection in the world, it will be vetted by our luxury experts and luxury clients.”

Galeries de Luxe fills a need in the luxury space, explained global MD Danielle Galloway, “it’s really about this missing piece around the one-stop product”.

“We know there is a missing piece in terms of signature itineraries and those extra special exclusives that really can make all of our brands stand out in this luxury space,” she added.

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