Livn unveils revamped API to simplify future

New way for resellers of tours and activities to cut through the digital complexity.

OPEN Connectivity Hub Livn has announced a revamp of its Reseller API, an innovation designed to assist stakeholders within the travel sector combat an increasing level of technical complexity within the tours, attractions and activities space.

The latest version of the API, which uses the power of more than 20 tour reservation system, is aimed at being a “game-changing” innovation for those operating in the tours and activities sales ecosystem, allowing travellers, tour operators, travel agents and resellers to connect directly with each other through one convenient solution.

Benefits of the revamped API include users being guided intuitively through the booking process through a series of questions that will ultimately lead to the most suitable and personalised tour or activity experience on offer in a much speedier timeframe.

Speaking with travelBulletin about the latest enhanced offering, Livn founder and COO Steve Martinez said his company was in a unique position to help lead the change in the way itineraries in the events and activities segments are sold, stating that once customers integrate to Livn’s revamped API, they will benefit from a stable system that will intuitively grow with the changing environment, no matter what permutations may arise on the landscape.

“Once integrated to our API, customers can be rest assured that they won’t have to do much else or worry about the ever-changing environment downstream because we’re handling all that complexity for them are delivering something very simple that will change as things evolve,” Martinez said.

“The headline change for us is that we’ve made the booking flow a completely dynamic one, putting the user via our platform into a direct bi-directional conversation with the reservation system of the operator that’s using it,” he added.

Other benefits include all products providing necessary information such as metadata, geolocation, images, T&Cs, and cancellation policies, with resellers also guaranteed all products will behave identically regardless of which reservation system they originate from.

For more information on the new Livn API, CLICK HERE.

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