Let Explora entertain you

The cruise line's Explora I flagship has unveiled a completely new entertainment program.

EXPLORA Journeys has announced its new entertainment program and unique experiences aboard Explora I, which will see guests treated to innovative performances featuring a cast of international artists.

Guests will be able to enjoy spontaneous pop-up performances by the pool from musicians, performers, and wellness teams, paired with beverages and snacks; later in the evening, Explora I will come alive with live music from DJs and pianists in the ship’s lobbies and lounges.

There will also be more vibrant musician-vocalist combinations in Explora I’s Journeys Lounge, and contemporary music in the ship’s Astern Lounge, while there will also be choices on the main stage, the ship’s bars, and more.

Later in the evening, the Journeys Lounge will present the Explora Music Series, a nightly live spectacle which will see six vocalists perform a 14-night program.

Another standout feature of the offerings is the new digital activities, which will utilise QR codes throughout the ship to allow guests to engage in unique daily activities on their devices.

This will include Explora Journeys Trivia, crosswords, and word searches themed to the journey’s locale, which will be updated daily.

Sudoku and chess will also be able to be enjoyed throughout Explora I.

The technology also allows guests to make special musical requests directly to the performers in the Astern Lounge.

Guests at Expora I’s late-night gigs can view song lists, send requests, choose songs, or even suggest new tracks.

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