itravel adds cruise to booking platform

itravel has responded to the surge of interest in the cruise industry.

ITRAVEL has added cruise to its booking platform, ‘HQ by itravel’, as demand within the sector continues to surge, and the travel agency recognises the need to equip its advisors with the tools to capitlise.

HQ by itravel now connects advisors with a vast network of cruise lines, as well as hotels, transfers, and activities, in one centralised location, simplifying the booking process, as cruise passenger volumes continue to flow.

Key features include comprehensive booking capabilities, enabling advisors to reserve various components of a booking; efficient management, storing all bookings in one location; dedicated support with various aspects of the process; and white-label solutions, providing advisors with a direct bookable website.

The company has already experienced tremendous success with the new tool, boasting a high adoption rate across the network, with HQ by itravel has become the primary booking tool for its agents, resulting in increased conversions and margins.

“The addition of cruise to HQ by itravel has already transformed our members’ booking processes,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Labroski said.

“We’ve had an unwavering positive response from our network, with the majority using it as their primary booking tool.”

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