HX to go all-inclusive across entire fleet

The offer will begin to roll out from October, with all itineraries to be covered from November.

HX HAS launched an all-inclusive offering across its fleet, which will be phased in from later this year, starting with Antarctica and the Galapagos.

The offering will be introduced in October, and will be standard across HX’s fleet from November, with passengers to enjoy more expert-led daily expeditions, a series of science-led activities both on board and ashore, and more alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

HX’s offer will also include professional photographs; upgraded Starlink wi-fi; full board dining; gratuities; access to the onboard sauna, hot tubs, and fitness room; take-home expedition gear; and more.

Guests booked to travel from these dates will have the offer automatically applied.

Managing Director Damian Perry told Cruise Weekly the all-inclusive offer will resonate with the Australian market in particular, which already has to travel long haul at great expense for any HX expedition.

“It’s just going to be a great proposition for the seller because they will be at ease, because they will be able to say ‘choose the expedition leader in the market and know that it’s all inclusive’,” he said.

“To be able to remove any of that sort of stress and give [pax] peace of mind that when they’re there, all they need to do is take the world and not worry about if something’s included or something’s not included.”

Perry added the key concepts behind the all-inclusive offer are transparency and clarity, making it easy for HX’s partners to do business with it.

It is also easier for guests to understand, which is the right tone for today’s market, he added.

“This will help redefine and give clarity to all those partners and those sellers of how HX sits in the market, that premium proposition that we bring to the market as an expedition leader, and the fact it’ll be a really simple and clear value-led story for HX,” Perry said.

“Having that all inclusive element and that real clarity around what’s in there will give the agent peace of mind and give the guests peace of mind.”

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