Hurtigruten welcomes stricter Norwegian cruise regulations

The Norway-based line is welcoming regulations which will see cruise ships forced to cut their emissions progressively from 2026.

HURTIGRUTEN has told travelBulletin it supports stricter regulations on the cruise industry, and has confirmed it will still be able to enter Norway’s fjords after 2026.

The cruise line’s native country is planning to phase out traditional marine fuel from 2026, however Hurtigruten’s plan to use certified biodiesel on its ships means it will be able to continue cruising in the fjords.

Hurtigruten did not however comment on whether it will be able to cruise in the in-question UNESCO World Heritage Convention-listed West Norwegian Fjords from 2035, from when zero emissions will be allowed in the region.

The region, in particularly the Geirangerfjord, is one of the most popular Norwegian cruise destinations.

“Hurtigruten supports stricter regulations on the cruise industry, both in the World Heritage fjords and along the entire coast,” the cruise line said.

The Norwegian company is, in addition to pursuing sustainable fuels, striving to launch a zero-emission ship, which it has described as “the world’s most energy-efficient cruise vessel”.

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