CVFR unveils new agency group

CVFR Consolidation Services has announced the launch of a new agency group, Asia Travel Network (ATN), which aims to provide Asia-based VFR specialist travel agencies with personalised solutions.

Speaking at the launch event, which was attended by more than 30 agents, 10 airlines and a number of trade suppliers, the group’s CEO Ram Chhabra revealed that “ATN’s structure and offerings will be designed and constructed based on the feedback and guidance on what the agents inform us they need”.

He added, “we are not going to create a group and simply tell the agent what they need. If the network is to truly add value to the agent, then there has to be a consultative approach with its members. This is only the beginning and over the coming months we will see the structure and foundation of ATN strengthen”.

Group COO Nidhi Nijhawan also commented, “we have seen other consolidators form VFR agency groups but they seem to have lost their way. The Consolidator tend to merge the groups with other groups within their organisation and so the tailor made solution or understanding of the agents individual needs is lost”.

CVFR is an independently owned business with the same family ownership for more than three decades, highlighting that “there is no shareholder or share price pressure…the sole focus of the business is to deliver value to its agents”.

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