Cost of living not dampening enthusiasm for travel

Rather than cutting travel from their plans, Australians are adapting to travelling around cost-of-living pressures, News Corp has found.

AUSTRALIAN travellers are still on the move despite living cost pressures, research from News Corp has revealed – although price is more important now than it was before.

Almost one in three travellers has claimed cost of living has impacted their travel plans and budgets, with 61% now agreeing lowest price is one of the most important factors when making a booking.

Key consumers trends identified by the research include tourists heading to new destinations at any time of the year, as flexibility and off season travel enables crowd-free exploration.

More than two-thirds (68%) also agreed flexible booking is more important than it was previously, and 34% say it is one of the most important factors when booking, in order to avoid penalties.

Wellness travel has also extended from “me” to “we”, with many using travel as a tool to strengthen their romantic relationship.

One in three travellers agreed their ideal holiday would be an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, deepen relationships, treat the family, and spend extended time together.

“Despite cost of living pressures, Australians are still travelling, they are adapting to these pressures by adjusting when they book, and how many people they travel with,” Managing Director, Food, Health & Travel Fiona Nilsson said.

“Solo and couple travel is up, while family and group travel has declined over the past six months.

“Noticeably, travellers are also booking their next trip further ahead than we have seen for some time.”

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