Conferma Pay and Boost Payment Solutions evolve partnership

The two are aiming to develop a "best-in-class" payment solution.

CONFERMA Pay and Boost Payment Solutions have evolved their partnership to “transform” B2B payments, as they aim to create a “best-in-class” virtual payments solution.

The companies are seeking to replace legacy systems with a secure, digitised, and automated ecosystem capable of handling unique and high-volume virtual payments.

The partnership combines Conferma’s unrivalled virtual payments technology ecosystem with Boost’s leading B2B payment processing capability.

The renewed relationship between the two parties will allow businesses to accelerate the uptake of virtual cards by providing a secure and seamless solution to manage all of their payments.

Businesses will be able to easily manage all of their outgoing payments in a secure digital environment with risk-free data sharing.

Conferma’s web solution routes these virtual card payments to Boost, which then processes a card on behalf of the supplier.

Boost’s network of card-accepting suppliers has a global footprint of 47 countries around the world, and provides a streamlined user interface for banks, working with 75 global issuers.

The technology is fully integrated with all major card schemes and can generate virtual cards in nearly 100 currencies.

“Extending our partnership with Boost to develop the best-in class virtual payment solution is really exciting for our customers and the wider B2B industry,” Conferma Chief Executive Officer Jason Lalor said.

“Our combined offering provides businesses with visibility, security, and flexibility over their payment process.

“While we have already seen great success across the travel sector, the partnership extension broadens this solution across the wider world of B2B payments, providing a simpler, hassle-free solution that allows suppliers to be paid quickly.”

Boost founder and Chief Executive Officer Dean Leavitt believes there is a clear demand for an innovative, digital solution which offers a painless, end-to-end payments process.

“We’re thrilled to be revitalising our partnership with Conferma Pay to revolutionise B2B payments and drive this solution that can handle unique, complex and high quantity payments with ease in a secure environment.”

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