CLIA welcomes Australia’s National Sustainability Framework

Australia plans to become a world leader in sustainable tourism, which CLIA Managing Director Joel Katz threw the Association's support behind.

CRUISE Lines International Association (CLIA) has welcomed Australia’s National Sustainability Framework, and its vision for the country to be a world leader in sustainable tourism.

Managing Director Joel Katz said the National Sustainability Framework, announced yesterday by federal, state, and territory ministers, will provide an important foundation for Australia’s visitor economy, allowing it to evolve in a well-managed and responsible way.

The Sustainability Framework involves four pillars, including taking a managed approach to sustainability by embedding business practices & procedures to ensure sustainability goals are achieved; implementing environmental & climate action by protecting wildlife & nature; reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

The Framework also emphasises respecting culture by acknowledging & engaging appropriately with First Nations people & other cultural groups, and creating positive social impact by working cooperatively and inclusively with visitors, employees, and suppliers.

“The National Sustainability Framework is aligned with the cruise industry’s own commitment to the principles established by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC),” Katz said.

“The Framework adapts these GSTC principles into the Australian context, allowing the tourism industry to align around its sustainability, cultural and social objectives.”

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