Bali ramps up tourist crackdown

AUSSIES holidaying in Bali will need to be on their best behaviour, with the beloved travel destination ramping up efforts to crackdown on unruly tourists.

Last week, officials launched a new task force dedicated to nipping bad visitor behaviour in the bud, with the initiative set to target at least 100 tourists a month.

The Bali Becik Task Force will have the authority to dole out fines and even deportations when tourists step out of line, with the list of offences including dangerous driving, climbing on mountains, touching sacred trees, and wearing skimpy clothing.

The establishment of the task force coincides with a new phone service for local residents to dob in badly behaving tourists, with Bali Becik Task Force Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, telling the island’s local media:

“We invite the people of Bali to report foreigners who violate [rules] via the hotline number 08 139 9679 966 because community participation is certainly very much needed in supervising and taking action against unruly tourists.”

Karim also explained that the problem largely stems from “low-spending tourists who often make trouble…because Bali is included in the category of cheap tourist destinations, so it attracts thin-pocketed tourists”.

Despite the crackdowns, and Indonesia’s scrapping of visa-free travel in June, Aussies haven’t been deterred from travelling to Bali, with recent ABS data showing Indonesia as Australia’s number one holiday destination.

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