Australian convention centres join call for a united industry voice

Convention centres in eight of Australia's major cities have called on the events industry to unite behind a sole voice.

AUSTRALIA’S convention centres have unanimouslly supported the sector’s call for a united industry voice, following a similar move late last year by the Exhibitions & Events Association of Australia (EEAA).

The Australian Convention Centre Group (ACCG), comprising representatives from the country’s leading convention & exhibition centres, have passed a resolution to support the amalgamation of relevant industry associations, in the interest of the broader event sector. Similarly the Australian Association of Convention Bureaux (AACB) also unanimously voted this week in favour of a single, well-resourced industry body.

The ACCG is comprised of the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, International Convention Centre Sydney, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Cairns Convention Centre, Adelaide Convention Centre and Darwin Convention Centre.

This follows the EEAA’s resolution in December, when its members unanimously moved a motion to allow its board to merge with the Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB) and Australian Convention Centre Group (ACCG), creating a new entity.

“Business events play an enormous role in Australia’s economy, contributing more than $36 billion nationally in the year prior to COVID-19, but beyond the immediate economic benefits, business events catalyse change and leave lasting legacies, through knowledge exchange, communication of research and subsequent investment in innovation,” the ACCG said.

“Currently, the industry voice is splintered across multiple associations, which can at times make it challenging to advocate the sector’s value.

“Advocating for the change, members of the ACCG argued and agree that the business events sector would benefit enormously from a single, amalgamated peak body to support growth and industry development.”

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