ATIA thanks NTIA custodians

The seven custodians have been thanked for their contribution to the NTIAs. Myles Stedman reports.

The Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is thanking its National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) Custodians, who it said were a “vital force” behind the success of this year’s event.

The custodians were appointed for the first time this year, generously volunteering their time and expertise to support the integrity of the NTIAs, and working diligently to ensure the awards process was robust and impartial.

“ATIA acknowledges and appreciates the dedication of each custodian in ensuring that the NTIAs continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence and fairness,” the Association said.

“Their contributions have been instrumental in making the 2023 NTIAs a truly remarkable celebration of achievement within the travel industry.”

The list of custodians includes Damian Borg (Norwegian Cruise Line), Chris Fundell (Globus), Ann-Catherine Jones (Frontier Travel), Tony Gothard (Luxury Escapes), Jean Summers (Clean Cruising), Dick Webster (Journey Earth), and Barbara Whitten (Anywhere Travel).

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