Air tickets need not be so high: AAA

The boss of the Australian Airports Association (AAA) believes airlines are not passing on the reduction in costs to travellers.

AUSTRALIAN Airports Association (AAA) Chief Executive Officer James Goodwin (pictured) has taken aim at carriers operating in Australia, accusing them of overcharging Aussie travellers on airfares.

Speaking with travelBulletin this week, the AAA chief said the drop in the price of jet fuel alone should see lower airfares start circulating across the market.

“The costs of providing aviation passenger services have not increased commensurately, with the price of jet fuel falling by 35% in real terms in February,” he argued.

“It is clear consumers are paying too much, the latest ACCC report shows despite recent falls, airfares are well above pre-pandemic levels and down slightly from historical highs in late 2022.”

Goodwin was also quick to suggest increases in airfares were not related in any way to airport costs, which he said remained low with the average aviation revenue per passenger at our four major airports coming in at just $22.80.

Goodwin also indicated that the higher prices of air tickets are proving to be a significant hurdle in Aussies taking trips both at home and overseas, creating an unnecessary stumbling block to the travel recovery.

“The AAA’s market research shows the biggest barrier to Australians travelling domestically or internationally is the cost of flying for 55% of domestic travellers and 69% of international travellers…airports are concerned consumers are being priced out of travel and it’s hurting,” he said.

The AAA boss added that he would like to see the ACCC continue to hand down reports into airline competition, which are scheduled to end in July.

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