A travel agent’s COVID-19 journey

THE entire industry is being invited to attend a free online webinar next week featuring a full and frank examination of what many in the sector went through in the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Watson from Tamworth’s Chris Watson Travel will be joined by health and exercise coach Peter Annis-Brown, in a session led by Travel Community Hub’s Richard Taylor.

It’s a reprise of a moving, inspirational and highly popular presentation during the Collette ‘Bounceback’ conference in Cairns earlier this year, with the discussion seeing Watson talk about how with Annis-Brown’s help he was able to face the multiple daily challenges that confronted him.

Taylor told travelBulletin he believes it’s important to repeat the discussion for the benefit of a wider virtual audience, thoroughly recommending it to everyone across the industry.

It’s free, taking place via Zoom on Wednesday 10 August at 1pm AEST – to register CLICK HERE.

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